Cath”s Card

My very good friend Cath, has been making cards for many years. In fact it was through looking at her cards that inspired me to start making some for myself last year.

Needless to say her card needed to be my best work. Now I did copy this design from darlenedesign. She makes very lovely cards and best of all gives a list of all the items in the card.

So armed with my owl punch here is what I made.

Looks pretty plain on the outside. I used a leather grain paper for the envelope and added an owl peeking out.

You can”t see the colours on the cake here, but it is coloured in. I used the cake cuttlebug die for the cake plate and believe it or not it is all silver.

I was also playing around with making boxes, so she got part of her gift in this little triangle box.

I forgot to take a picture of the inside, but it has petals layered in there. and it needed its own tag of course.

I just punched a small hole in the top of this and then threaded some gold thread through to tie it to the box.

And of course no gift is complete without being wrapped. In keeping with the card I wanted owl themed wrapping paper, so I have to make some.

This is the work in progress. I simply cut templates for the circles and scallops in my cuttlebug, and sponged the ink on. The owl in the middle is stamped on from the Punch Bunch set from Stampin Up. When I had finished I sprayed on two coats of spray on gloss to give the whole thing shine and strength. I was pretty happy with the finished product.

I have to say that Cath was pretty impressed, and even went so far as to carefully fold the paper and put it in with her card making stuff.

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