It Was Worth It In The End

Well I finally got my Dear Jane quilt finished.

I started on the 17 March and set a timetable of 2 blocks a day until it was finished. I also worked row by row so that I would not be left with all the hard blocks at the end. I think for me this was a very good way to do it. I think this quilt warrants lots of photos.

I had enough time at the end of the year to get the quilting done, and then get it bound and labeled in time for the show and tell at the local quilt shop. And yes that is 4986 pieces that went into the making of this quilt.

I cannot be there to show it myself, but the owner of the store is very keen to show the quilt for me.

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2 Responses to It Was Worth It In The End

  1. Norina Perry says:

    You should be so proud of your accomplishment!

  2. Rosee says:

    Your quilt is beautiful!! It is a “joy” to see. Your fabric/color choices are marvelous and your hard work is inspiring…….
    Thank you for posting pictures…….. Rosee

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